5 Summer Releases: Most Anticipated Books

Even though we've already gotten into summer, I thought I'd tell you about some anticipated books that have or will be released this summer. If I've forgotten your most anticipated book, be sure to comment which ones you think should've made this list :) Now, let's get started.

Disclaimer: The listing is based on release dates, not ratings.

1st book:
One of us is Lying by Karen M. McManus.
Description: A murder-mystery novel about five strangers walking into detention. The problem is that only four of them walk out alive.
Release date: May 30th

2nd book:
When Dimple Met Rishi by Sandhya Menon
Description: This rom-com is about two people from the same community, that want different things from life, but their parents force them together by
setting them up to going to the same summer program.
Release Date: May 30th

3rd book:
Once and for All by Sarah Dessen
Description: I don't know much about this book, other than the author and that it is set in the world of wedding planning and the crises that follow.
Release date: June 6th

4th book:
Because You Love to Hate me by 13 authors and 13 booktubers
Description: 13 booktubers get together with 13 authors to write 13 stories about villains background stories. This anthology is about misunderstood villains and their reasons for wanting vengeance.
Release date: July 11th
5th book:
Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo
Description: About the superhero from DC's graphic novels; Wonder Woman (obviously) and it takes place before she becomes Wonder Woman, i.e when she is Diana, the princess of the Amazons.
Release date: August 29th


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